Aqua eVino makes top 30 of 50 Best Restaurants in Charlotte: 2018 by Charlotte Magazine Review



THIS LIST IS BASED on hours of eating, hundreds of restaurant visits, and thousands of dollars in research. It isn’t paid for or persuaded by which places have public relations companies. Visits are anonymous, and each restaurant on this list has been judged on multiple visits over the past year. To be included, establishments must be primarily a restaurant, and a local chef must have full control over the menu. Each place included in the rankings has a rating on three important aspects of dining: the food, the ambiance, and the quality of service. These ratings helped determine the restaurant’s ranking along with several other factors, such as the consistency of quality, innovation in the kitchen, and value. Also considered in the final decision were restaurants’ beverage programs. Semifinalists included nearly 100 restaurants; several of the city’s favorites narrowly missed the cut. The resulting list is our definitive ranking of the best restaurants in and around the city.

No. 30: Aqua e Vino

Aqua e Vino, Charlotte, NC
Spanish octopus with meats. cheeses, and tarts.
Photographed on 21NOV17. Photograph by Peter Taylor
Charlotte Magazine

4219 Providence Rd., 704-364-4445

FOOD: ★★★★

This Italian restaurant has one of the smallest dining rooms in town, which means it can be hard to nab a reservation without planning. It also means chef Gabriele Grigolon can serve each dish, from pastas to composed plates, with textbook precision.